This course is designed for personnel involved with the investigation and remediation of uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and, to a lesser extent, response to an accident involving hazardous materials.

  • Enrolled students: 11

This online course is intended for construction workers and supervisors who need to implement construction excavation safety for excavation and trenching activities:

  • Construction Workers
  • Construction Supervisors
  • Construction Foremen
  • Learning Objectives

This Excavation Safety for Construction online training course will teach you the hazards that are commonly found when working around a trench or an excavation. We will also discuss OSHA safety requirements and standards. Additionally, the course covers soil classification, air monitoring, safe access, spoils piles, shoring and sloping.

Course content

  • Introduction to excavation safety
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Managing risks
  • Planning the work
  • Controlling excavation risks
  • Plant and equipment

  • Enrolled students: 16

In this introductory training course we'll study about the basic principles of Industrial Hygiene. The course is designed for safety, health, environmental and management personnel who have industrial hygiene responsibilities but limited training or experience in industrial hygiene. Register today and get the confidence you need to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control industrial hygiene hazards.

Course Content

Identify types of health hazards in the workplace

Describe strategies to control chemical hazards

Describe strategies to control biological hazards

Describe strategies to control physical hazards

Describe strategies to control ergonimic hazards

  • Enrolled students: 46

The Online Permit to Work System course is designed and intended to ensure compliance to internal management system and regulatory requirements by:

  • Establishing safe working practices and eliminating common PTW problems such as human error, shift handovers, fatigue and poor job safety analysis;
  • Maintaining a safe system of work;
  • Demonstrating that work is being controlled to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) to meet internal management system requirements as a demonstration of compliance to the regulator.

This online managing health and safety training course from HSEI Online offers a comprehensive study of health and safety management such as Assessing risks, Controlling risks, Understanding your responsibilities, Identifying hazards, Investigating accidents and incidents, Measuring performance and environmental protection.

The aim of the course is to provide people who work at height with sufficient information to be able to plan and manage the tasks safely.

This awareness course is suitable for all people who are required to work at height. This course provides a basic awareness of the risks from working at height, as well as practical ways to prevent falls from height.

This course we will look at the basic principal of Confined Space Entry. The hazards it present in the workplace and the main measures that should be taken to minimize those hazards and the considered measures for the prevention at Confined Space and for the safe evacuation of premises.

This course was developed using the OSHA Manual 29 CFR Confined Space entry Requirements and regulation to protecting the people in Confined Space. In addition to the topics outlined below, this course also covers the proper use of, and various types of Confined Space related equipment, proper storage of flammables, combustibles and liquefied petroleum gases.

Course Content

Section 1 Confined Space Safety Overview

  • Basic principles & Classification of Confined Space
  • Classification of hazards in Confined Space
  • Source of Dangerous Substance
  • OSHA Manual 29CFR Confined Space Entry Requirements.

Section 2 Basic Requirement for Confined Space Entry

  • Risk Assessment
  • DSTI (Daily Safety Task Instruction)
  • PTW (Permit to Work)
  • Entry & Exit Checklist
  • Hazards Control & Monitoring
  • Safety Equipment & PPE

Section 3 Emergency & Evacuation

  • Preventive Structure Measures
  • Emergency Evacuation and Warning
  • Emergency Drill

The Online Workplace Fire Safety course is aimed to train the workers in the workplace to make them aware about the fire risks at their workplace. Employers are legally required by Fire Safety Regulations to provide information, instruction and training to employees about fire precautions in the workplace.

Aim and Objective:

To enable delegates to understand and minimise the risk of fire in the workplace, it is vital that everyone is aware of the common causes of fire and the appropriate actions to take in the event of a fire, including how to escape safely from the scene.